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It was a privilege to meet with Kenny from Ash Glass Design. Kenny travelled from Scotland to meet with us to show us his outstanding work so that we felt confident in offering his products to our beautiful families that use Herbert Murray Funeral Directors.

Kenny started our meeting talking about his business and we knew straight away through his passion and dedication to reaching out to families that he is the perfect person for us to be able to trust with families wishes.

Ash Glass Design prides itself on unique pieces of art and jewellery for unique lives, even down to the wood stand sourced to display each piece of art is bespoke and hand picked by Kenny himself.  The products are of an outstanding quality and Kenny has ensured that every person and aspect of a family has been catered for.  Kenny’s empathy, kindness and caring approach to families that are often at a very vulnerable stage in their lives simply blew us away at Herbert Murray Funeral Directors and we know Kenny is the perfect fit for Herbert Murray.

We are very proud to say that Herbert Murray Funeral Directors are the only provider of Ash Glass Design in Greater Manchester.

Take a look at the video clip below showing a sample of Kenny’s hard work…

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