Faith Matters at St Mary Magdalene Church, Ashton-on-Mersey…

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Team Herbert Murray (Robbie & Steph) are passionate about reaching every part of the community and understanding different faith’s, beliefs and traditions.

As part of ensuring all aspects of the community are cared for, we were offered two positions on the Faith Matters course at St Mary Magdalene Church, Ashton-on- Mersey.  Robbie and Steph both felt that this would be beneficial to them to explore the Christian faith.  We have had the honour to meet lovely members of the church who kindly guided us through the course.

The Faith Matters Course is a group where people meet once a week to explore faith.  The group is diverse and have open and honest conversations reflecting on faith tradition, culture, personal experiences and responses.  Each week the group watch a video together, read set texts and the bible. It is the personal experiences, reflections and stories of everyday life that give us the opportunity to explore our faith and find out answers to any questions we may have.

Thank you to St Mary’s for giving us this opportunity and welcoming us into your church.


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