Introducing Kevin, our memorial bike….

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Team Herbert Murray recently added a new edition to our funeral home, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new memorial bike, Kevin.

Memorial bikes are sometimes also referred to as Ghost Bikes. They can be found worldwide and have various significance.

The first record of a bike being painted white was in Amsterdam, it was painted white to signify that the bike was free for people to use and then be left for others to use. It was a way of encouraging the use of bicycles around the city.

In America, the ghost bike was started as an art project and then evolved to become a way of creating awareness of cyclists and to encourage motorists to share the road. The bikes are usually damaged and removed of tyres to deter theft.

In more recent days, around the world, the ghost bikes are used to represent the passing of a cyclist or a cyclist who has been severely injured, usually in a road traffic accident.

Our bike Kevin has been painted white and decorated with flowers. It is a beautiful addition to the Village and to the funeral home. We would encourage you to come and see Kevin in all his glory and have a chat and a brew with Robbie and Steph.

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