For some, discussing their final wishes with loved ones can often be a very difficult conversation to have. This can leave those who are arranging a funeral to feel unsure if they are making the right decisions, along with the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss this can be a heavy burden. Herbert Murray Funeral Directors have designed a My Wishes form for you to complete and keep in a safe place, so when the time comes, your family know exactly what your final wishes are. This is a beautiful gift to leave those who we hold dear to our hearts as it gives them the opportunity to give you the fond farewell that you deserve.


Click here to download and print our My Wishes form, to complete and put in a safe place in your home.
• Pick up a form already printed on the outside of the funeral home, at a time that is most convenient for you.
• Call into the funeral home for support and guidance to fill in the form to be able to take home to put in a safe place.